The Nose That Knows

The Whitetail's sniffer is amazing. Thanks to an extra-large nasal capacity - lined with countless specialised cells called "receptors" - it can detect foreign odours up to 500 yards away. Also, because 2/3 of its brain is dedicated to the perception and evaluation of odours, a deer can dial in a hunter's precise location in a matter of seconds.

The Mouth that Roars

Brushing, gargling, flossing and gum-chewing are only marginally effective on human breath. Indeed, the mouth is a virtual odour factory, where billions of bacteria constantly excrete malodorous sulfur and acid compounds. This is why approximately 80% of the human scent-stream is breath-related.

Sealed with a Kiss: Pristine ('virgin') Carbon

The patent-pending Breath-Taker capitalises on a law of physics known as "Van Der Waals force" (adsorption, as opposed to absorption). The simple act of breathing passes odour molecules through microscopic carbon particles that become attracted and trapped within our proprietary non-woven mesh fabric. It takes about 24 hours to 'use up' a disposable Breath-Taker.

More Amazing Features

  • Lasts up to 24 hours and up to 45 days for other uses.
  • Prevents nausea while gutting deer.
  • So cozy is can be worn all day.
  • Helps maintain even body temperature in all climates.