What does a buck really smell when he first winds you?

Invariably, it's your breath. Coating your tongue and gums are countless volatile sulphide compounds (VSC's). Combined, the produce the same odours associated with: a pig farm, feed lot, fecal matter, decaying meat and stagnant backwaters. Yuck! No amount of gum-chewing, brushing or gargling can stop these micro-organisms from pouring it on. Compounding matters is the sheer volume of normal human breathing, more than 60 gallons of breath are released per hour. Moreover, VSC compounds are comparatively heavy and sticky, causing them to pile up and cling to whatever they land on. No wonder hunters 'burn out' their treestand locations, even when taking extreme precautions. Enter The Breath-Taker. Its patent-pending 4M technology (4

Kiss goodbye to the body's most alarming scent source.

Incredible virgin carbon adsorbs up to 99% of all breath odour.

Special pre-activated mask comes sterilised and individually sealed.

Snug fit, highly breathable.

masks in one) is ingenious. The first layer is a hydrophobic material to help prevent moisture transfer onto the carbon layer to optimise the carbon absorbtion.

Next is a 5-micron filtration layer that makes the new Breath-Taker more breathable, as it screens dust, allergens and pollens that could ruin your hunt. The third layer contains pristine activated carbon that vacuums and adsorbs up to 99% of all malodorous compounds. (Activated carbon is a science-based product that has proven itself in commercial, industrial and hunting applications.) But because the Breath-Taker is disposable, is costs about a dollar a day to hunt scentless.

Whats more, the second generation Breath-Taker contains 50 percent more carbon (60 GSM rating) for maximum adsorption power. Another new feature is an effective temperature and moisture regulation method (great news for hunters in hot and cold climates and for those who wear glasses). We've even added a storage system; the resealable 5-pack conforms to US Army activated carbon packaging specifications. So now you can be assured that your fifth Breath-Taker mask will adsorb as many scent moecules as your first one. Last, and certainly not least, you won't have to take a breather from the Breath-Taker during an all-day hunt. A new, ultra-light camouflaged layer cuts down on bulk. So put your money where your mouth is: for only $9.99 you get about 10 days of hunting (with proper care, each disposable mask lasts up to 24 hours).