Five Important Factors for Successfully Hunting Whitetail Deer

There are many products on the market that deal with one or two of the big five factors for successfull whitetail hunting but the Breath –Taker offers a very low cost way to address all of them and can be used seemlessly with all of your other existing hunting products and strategies

  • Sight - Being Concealed - Whether you are in a tree stand or on the ground , If a whitetail see's your face or your breath vapor on a brisk morning, your chances of ever seeing his again are all but gone for the season . The Breath-Taker provides a nice light conveniant face camo, eliminating the need for messy face paints and bulky hoods. It also dramatically reduces visable breath vapour in cold weather.

  • Sound - Being Quiet. Ever have a whitetail so close you almost had to hold your breath for fear of him hearing you. The sounds of breathing and coughing are dead givaways to a whitetail but by recycling your warm moist air with The Breath-Taker you will prevent your throat from drying out therefore reducing coughing and the mask itself dampens the sound of breathing , even up close.

  • Smell - Being as Scent Free as possible - We all know nothing alerts a whitetail as dramatically as human scent yet most hunters do nothing for the biggest scent offender of all,our breath. Some claim that upwards of 30 to 80% of our scent comes directly from our breath and to put it another way, every single breath we take is laden with millions of volatile sulphide compounds which are very human specific and detectable by deer. These scent molecules spread throughout your whole hunting area, cool and land on the ground and can be detected by deer for several days . Could this be the main cause for treestand burnout ? you betcha. Let the magic of The Breath-Taker's Pristine Carbon layer adsorb these human specific scents as well as prevent your scent from hitting the ground. Why Disposable? because as humans we breath an average of approximately 458 liters of breath per hour. With these high volumes of scent, Carbon regenerated in a dryer just cannot compare to being as effective as our pristine Virgin Carbon. we do believe regenerateable Carbon does have its place for low volume scent adsorbtion such as clothing. The Breath-Taker is disposable where it counts.

  • Confidence -Ethical effective shot placement - A lot of hunters refuse to wear a face mask because most face masks will interfere with shot placement , but by utilizing The Breath -Taker's patent pending instant jaw dropping pull down method you can be confident with your anchoring and shot effectiveness.( to utilize this method you simply drop your jaw which in turn will lower the top of the mask to just under your nose allowing for normal string to nose anchoring.) with a little practise it becomes a natural part of your draw.

  • Being comfortable - When you are comfortable you move less and increase your chances of not being seen or heard . The Breath-Taker recycles your warm moist air to keep your face warm and reduces heat loss. It also features a temperature and moisture regulation method to prevent you from overheating and excess moisture build up . (you simply fold up the bottom pleat of the mask and create an opening under your chin , this will allow cool air to mix with your warm air to keep you comfortable.) Ideally though ,you want to keep this moisture in the mask and not on the ground.