Will a Breath-Taker collect all of the scent from my mouth?

It will stop enough of it so that a deer won't even recognize you as a hunter if you stay still enough. This trial season I put a doe up while walking to my tree stand. She jumped out into the field fifteen feet in front of me and totally downwind. I quickly knelt down and locked up. She left me hanging there for close to ten minutes trying to figure out what I was before she causally walked off. Unfortunately she didn't give me an opportunity to pull back on my bow as she didn't take her eyes off me. I also filmed a small buck for over an hour bedding down getting up and bedding down again only thirty feet away and totally downwind or me with thermals heading straight for him. He never had a clue I was there. I harvested four deer this season (my best year to date) all while wearing a Breath-Taker™. I can't say the Breath-Taker™ was responsible for all of them but it sure helped on two for sure. I have never had as many opportunities in a hunting season as this one wearing a Breath-Taker™. On five different occasions while leaving my tree stand for the evening I had deer run right up to me. So please do be careful as deer can be pretty curious.

Will wearing a Breath-Taker eliminate all the smell while gutting a Deer?

I don't know about you but sometimes the field dressing process gives me a weak stomach. Wearing a The Breath-Taker™ does a great job, you still get a whiff of odor here and there (ie. cutting through diaphragm) but for the most part it is virtually undetectable. I found that you need to have the The Breath-Taker™ fitting right from the start to ensure very little odor gets through. Make sure you pinch the soft metal strip tight over the bridge of your nose.

How long will a Breath-Taker last?

They say that a fresh carbon will adsorb for close to 45 days. However with the shear volume of air your breathing creates and the fact that it is moist air we recommend that you use a new Breath-Taker™ each different day you hunt for full effectiveness, and if you leave your Breath-Taker™ in its unopened original packaging it has a shelf life of close to three years.

Is a Breath-Taker Biodegradable?

No it is not completely biodegradable so please do not leave your Breath-Taker™ in the woods, instead put it in your blue box as it is recyclable.

Will a Breath-Taker affect your anchor points for Bow accuracy?

I always recommend practicing with the equipment you are going to use in the field, this only makes sense. A Breath-Taker™ is made of the lightest materials we could possibly find just for that reason. However I would sacrifice a Breath-Taker™ to always wear while practicing to make sure you are comfortable shooting while wearing it. You can always store your Breath-Taker™ in a zip lock bag after practice to keep it fresh for your next hunt as well. Alternately just before you make a shot, you can just pull the Breath-Taker™ down under your chin if you are not comfortable with it.

Will The Breath-Taker interfere with Game Calls?

I found that by simply pulling down on The Breath-Taker™ you can easily perform deer calls or if you prefer you can actually blow through your Breath-Taker™ or just push it to the side of your face with the call itself and it will return close to normal when you are done.