• The Breath-Taker reviewed by Brandon Wikman

    Industry Trend Setters of 2010

    The Breath-Taker™ is the missing link in total scent control. It eliminates the odors present in our breath. Up to 80% of human scent comes directly from the moist regions of our mouth through the simple act of breathing. At the rate of 60 gallons an hour, these large volumes of air bourn human specific scents are quite possibly the most ignored and deterring factor of success in the whitetail hunting world today. The ultimate solution is The Breath-Taker™. This innovative disposable where it counts active carbon facemask is the only effective option for reducing game-spooking human breath.
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  • The Breath-Taker reviewed by Gary Elliott

    Since there is not a physical way of seeing scent blocked, I guess the best scenario to best describe how well they worked for me would be during a hunt about 3 weeks ago the morning temp was a very brisk 19 degrees that morning; I was sitting there watching my breath float up and out of the blind. So, I thought I would pull one of the Breath-Takers out and put it on. Almost immediately I had eliminated any visual sight of my breath.
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